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The Carton is a quarterly publication about food culture and the Middle East

Greetings! This is Jade George and Rawan Gebran and we’re the founders of The Carton, an independent quarterly publication that tells the story of Middle Eastern culture through its food. Work on The Carton began in Lebanon in July of 2011 when we established Art And Then Some, a happy ideas factory and independent publishing house.

The idea behind The Carton was to capture the essence of our complex, hot-topic culture through something that makes up the foundationof its every tradition. We wanted to tackle aspects of this culture be it sociopolitical or anthropological from a lighter angle. And to do this, we chose food.

We work with a rotation of professional and emerging creatives, and this gives them a platform to showcase at times very experimental work without shunning their creative juices. We sit together at the beginning of each quarter and brainstorm an internal theme that we’ve chosen, to come up with something fresh and interesting every time.

Our in-house illustrations are by our talented Sara Ali, who does everything by hand, as in no tablets, no digital nothing. Sara even paints with real food like zaatar, olive oil and carob molasses.

In The Carton, you’ll find memoires, tales and even poems of food culture in the Middle East or from the Middle East. We make sure to give visuals a fair amount of space in our issues and let our features breathe. This is also to celebrate and give justice to the amount of work that has gone into each illustration, photograph and design.

You’ll realise that we make it a point not to have titles on the cover to leave room for the reader to make what they want out of the issue, making it a timeless collectible. The only place you’ll see our internal theme stated is on the spine (have a lookie!).

So The Carton is not a “reviews and recipes magazine”. It is a publication that you will find recipes in though, ones that we’ve carefully selected and portrayed in an alternative way to serve a purpose. Every recipe included makes a difference to the message we’re trying to put across and adds to the whole archiving function that The Carton aims to perform.

Seeing as we’re going for print but we love our environment, we’ve sourced the most environmentally-friendly paper available in Lebanon – where we print. We make sure our paper is made with pulp from well-managed forests and is FSC and PEFC certified.

  • in english (Lebanon) 
  • artandthensome.com 
  • 4 issues per year 
  • 88 pages


A propos de ce numéro


Jazz Manouche issue

This issue isn't about how simsmiyyeh is both a gooey sesame treat and an awkward Middle Eastern musical instrument to which most of us were oblivious. Spring can really hang you up the most as Fitzgerald once said, so we felt that things could use a little jazzing up. No matter where you're spending your April and whether chestnuts are in blossom or not, it's time you've turned your players back on. Shall we listen to our grumblings now?

(en français ci-dessous)

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