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Drift is a new print magazine devoted to coffee culture

Each issue takes us to a different city across the globe, as our writers and photographers dive into what makes a city’s coffee scene tick. Our second issue takes us to Tokyo, as we soak in the serenity and trace the legacy of the classic kissaten, get cozy at cosplay cafes, and meet power players behind one of the world’s most competitive coffee scenes. Volume 2 is about Tokyo past and present, a city as dynamic as the coffee it offers.

Coffee sits in the background of some of the most important moments in our lives: the first time we told new friends we’d like to get to know them better, a second date, a business meeting, a passion project completed, a time we caught up with long-lost loved ones after years apart. More than anything else, coffee is tied to a sense of place and a sense of community.

Drift is about coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit. Our collection of writers and photographers, alongside coffee shop owners, baristas, streetcart vendors, and patrons, capture a glimpse of what it’s like to drink coffee in a city at the time the magazine is printed. Each issue highlights a different city.

It’s about wandering the streets aimlessly, cup of coffee in hand, and learning more about what a place has to offer, whether you’ve been there for 25 minutes or 25 years. Coffee helps us chart the geography of our cities. It’s about seeing those cities with fresh eyes, as visitors or long-time residents, and trying to understand what makes them tick.

  • in english (USA)
  • 2 issues per year 
  • 160 pages 
  • offset-printed, perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper 
  • ad-free 
  • printed in Canada 
  • driftmag.com

A propos de ce numéro

Volume 4: Stockholm

This issue contains stories about Stockholm, its coffee, and the people who drink it. For our fourth issue, we hear from dozens of locals, shop owners, roasters, patrons, entrepreneurs, writers, and photographers about what it’s like to drink coffee in Stockholm. The Swedish capital’s residents drink coffee as if it’s water, and foster a fierce dedication to fika whether they’re at the office or snuggling near a fire in the dead of winter. Yet, specialty coffee is a harder-than-expect sell in the coffee-guzzling city: Swedes have always had high-quality coffee—for cheap—and expect it to stay that way.

Drift, Volume 4 guides us from India to New York, from an early 1900s ship on the harbor to trendy Södermalm, and from the 1700s to the future, as we take a magnifying glass to what makes Stockholm’s coffee scene tick.

Drift, Volume 4 includes:

  • A look into fika, the coffee ritual central to Swedish life;
  • Morning at sea: A sea-faring local wakes up with coffee on the water;
  • Profiles of recent Syrian and Iraqi immigrants assimilating over fika;
  • A photo series dedicated to mysig and exceptional Swedish design;
  • Why specialty coffee is a hard sell in Stockholm; 
  • Profiles of teens facing an uncertain future;
  • A look into one of the city’s devil-may-care roasters;
  • How progressive Swedish environmentalism turned cafes onto unexpected ingredients;

      (en français ci-dessous)

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