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Pretty Nostalgic is a vintage lifestyle magazine that celebrates everything brilliantly British

Home and lifestyle magazine celebrating vintage, traditional and sustainable ways of living, each glorious issue offers 112 pages of original, well-researched content, illustrated with specially commissioned artwork, illustrations and photographs and well as genuine vintage images from our own archive.

The magazine is not only an inspiring read with a fresh paper smell you could bottle, it’s also full of advice on how to step off the mass-consumer band wagon and start reclaiming your own life, just as people did in the past.

We love to feature…

  •  Genuine vintage 
  • Stories from the past, sharing our huge historical archive of vintage imagery 
  • Heartfelt and eclectic homes, decorated with creativity and imagination 
  • Passionate people with interesting hobbies and fascinating collections 
  • Foraged and home grown food and drink 
  • Creative upcycling 
  • Crafting and making 
  • Fabulous British-made and vintage fashion
  • Independent shops, markets and fairs
  • Brilliantly British makers and artisans

Pretty Nostalgic is a mainstream magazine and yet totally independent. Each issue aims to inspire readers to spend wisely, waste less and appreciate more – to support what is worthy and good and denounce mass consumerism, bad quality and poor value. It is a breath of fresh air from advertising-filled, cheaply produced magazines. It is printed by a family printers in Wales on thick, uncoated, sustainably sourced paper with vegetable inks and then perfect bound so it resembles a book more than a magazine. It is a product to collect and keep.

  • in english (UK) 
  • prettynostalgic.co.uk 
  • bi-monthly 
  • soft advertising
  • printed on uncoated, sustainably sourced paper 
  • print using vegetable inks and perfect bound 
  • 24 cm x 24 cm 
  • 112 pages


A propos de ce numéro


Get involved

Readers tell us what makes then feel pretty nostalgic and why it’s the little things that mean so much


Bursting with the joys of spring, learn about seasonal customs, catch a meteor shower and give your hair a lustrous shine with nettles

At Home

Make wonderful things form old board games, take a peek inside the homes of our editor and art director and tips on how to welcome spring into yours

Spring Cleaning

We consult the housekeeping books of old and gather cleaning and de cluttering tips which are still useful today.


We meet a young chap with a passion for collecting tanks, find out the history behind Homeopathy and discover what dangers can lurk in vintage collections.

Fairy Folklore

Take a trip to the bottom of the garden and search out the fairy folk who live there and what fascinated Victorian researcher found out about them.

The Love of It

Find out what compels so many crafters today to work with reused and vintage materials, and practical advice from an expert on adapting vintage dress patterns


Take a walk around the welsh Capital and discover it has much more to offer than rugby, and find out from Kate Hill why it is so important for us to Make it British.

The Larder

Delight in the fact that raw chocolate is a superfood and find out from enthusiasts how to make your own and find out how to make the most out of the humble egg with a selection of recipes inspired by the past.

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