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Standing for the art of coffee

A print magazine about the beauty of specialty coffee culture.

We love it for its ability to foster interesting conversations, chance meetings, and rich experiences. Quarterly published and print only, we dedicate more than 120 pages of beautifully designed and carefully curated content to the beauty of specialty coffee. Sit back, slow down, and enjoy the beauty of the offline world.

  • in english (Slovakia)
  • quarterly magazine
  • 120 pages
  • 18 x 24 cm 
  • ad-free 
  • printed in Czech Republic 
  • standartmag.com

    A propos de ce numéro

    Chapter Coffee

    The issue opens with a meditation on the parallels between coffee cupping and the use of contact sheets in photography, before moving to a microscopy photo essay allowing you to explore caffeine from really, really close up. Next, we get some lessons on botanical nomenclature and clear coffee communication. Our country of origin profile covers Papua New Guinea.  

    Chapter Barista

    We’re pleased to present baristas from Toby’s Estate and Phil & Sebastian for our 24/7 profiles this issue. This chapter also covers the fine art of manual brewing and getting yourself set up for home roasting. In Meet Your Barista, we sit down with independent barista and French barista champion Charlotte Malaval. 

    Chapter Ritual

    We return to the theme of art in this chapter, asking why art and coffee shops go so well together. Next, we take a peek at the inner workings of your espresso machine, then ponder the seeming futility of the quest for the perfect decaf soy latte. Issue sponsors Espresso Supply graciously allow us inside their headquarters for a conversation and tour, so don’t miss out! 

    Chapter People

    Get to know Wellington, New Zealand, and the fascinating world of cups with Acme & Co.’s Jessica Godfrey before traveling to Brazil to chat with a coffee picker. If you’re reading this in a café, you’ll be interested in taking a peek at our piece on overheard café conversations. Finally, join us for a conversation with Hanna Neuschwander of World Coffee Research. 

    Chapter World

    In this issue, we profile the coffee scene of Mexico City in all of its sweetness before reflecting on the power of coffee to promote deeper local experiences as we travel. To conclude this issue, we take a look at the social power of coffee in South India. 

        (en français ci-dessous)

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